PLC_42 Communication System
Reliable information flow between Power Utility installations is one of the corner stones of dependable supply of electricity to customers.
Structure of Power Utility private communication system is based on different communication technologies.

Specific communication technology which is used in Power Utility communication systems only is Power Line Carrier (or PLC for short).

In this communication technology high voltage power lines are used as transmission media for transmission of communication signals.

Applicability of PLC
PLC links are technically and cost effective, especially in the following applications:

  • Communication links connecting end-point installations to communication network backbone (last mile access)

  • Back-up links in redundant transmission schemes

  • Low channel long distance communication links in rural area (for public use also)

ENSICO offers PLC_42 Communication System PLC equipment, which was designed by ENSICO and includes following devices:

PGC_9      Universal PLC Terminal
PST_9-A  Protection Signalling Terminal
ACT_9      Analogue Channel Terminal
NBM_9     Programmable FSK Narrow-Band Modem 
COD_9     Coupling Device (Line Matching Unit) 

PLC_42 Communication System is a result of high concentration of special expertise from field of PLC communications in ENSICO and intensive use of advanced technologies (DSP, DDS, CPLD, etc.).