ElemeNta is a holistic physical education system. It is designed to provide kids and youth with such learning environment, where they can enjoy and safely show their best potentials and talents according to their psychomotoric level, and develop social and intellectual skills through physical activity and games.

With ElemeNta we are calling upon those who value human being above the sport, the learner above the curriculum, and place the vitality of life before statistics.  
We are calling upon those who care for the child within and the children in front of us.
The wisdom of the body is saying that physical activity is our natural need, which needs to be served regularly. We believe that every human being has the inherent sense of how to live healthy life. Therefore, it is very important that we offer to our children and youth such conditions, where their natural wisdom can be expressed and exercised. 

Sincere relation to the nature and to the body is the key to enter the healthy life of individual, nation and humanity.


A Unique System for Physical and Sports Education:

ElemeNta 1 (3-7 years)
ElemeNta 2 (6-11 years)
ElemeNta Special (special needs)