ElemeNta Special

(special needs) is designed for the people with special needs, including those with mental disabilities. The aims of ElemeNta SN is to offer these people a new colorful environment where they can develop or maintain level of fitness, and where they can communicate and express themselves through different channels (nonverbal).

elementa special 1

It is important that they develop the sense for their bodies, that stimulation of kinesthetic and sensomotoric feelings are regular, and to give them the chance to express their emotional tensions as well. In ElemeNta SN the cooperation of other services (physician, physiotherapists, psycho- and social workers) has to be intensified, and based on regular level with good communication among staff.

elementa special 2

The priority is given to individual approach, relaxed emotional environment free from high “sport-oriented” expectations or even competitive demands. ElemeNta SN supports the international movements of Special Olympics and MATP (Motor Activities Training Program).

elementa special 3

ElemeNta 1 (3-7 years)
ElemeNta 2 (6-11 years)