ElemeNta 2 (6-11 years)

… is designed to go further with the complexity of movement tasks in order to execute adjusted elements of various sports, and consequentially develop deeper and wider motoric base. ElemeNta 2 is about upgrading basic movements and sport literacy, where forms of mini-sport are joyfully experienced, and neurophysiologic development is further exposed to optimal challenges.

Elementa 6-11 years 1

Beside gaining physical benefits this is the proper age for effective development of social skills like the sense of group responsibility, showing respect, and being able to communicate and participate actively (constructively express likes and dislikes) while taking care for personal integrity of every person, etc. This is the way of opening into the world where sport equipment and persons around become extensions of one’s personal (physical and emotional) environment.

ElemeNta 6-11 years 2

ElemeNta 1 (3-7 years)
ElemeNta Special