ElemeNta 1 (3-7 years)

Is focused on experiencing and exercising natural forms of movement and elementary games with the intention of achieving quality movement literacy, and providing kids with playful environment where social interactions calls for developing of personal (physical and psychological) identity in a healthy community. The power of bodily identity that is by nature primary is manifested in what one learns as a body.

Elementa 3-7 years 1

The development and health of an infant is first judged by physical abilities and characteristics, which should be the case in any stage of lifespan. Children are finding their own way of dealing with psychomotoric tasks as given by the body. We are speaking about the developing natural sense for movement, which in no way can be expressed beyond biomechanical and other biological limitations - children experience and exercise so called somatic wisdom.

Elementa 3-7 years 2

ElemeNta 2 (6-11 years)
ElemeNta Special